The World A Gateway

Time and again I’ve heard the phrase ‘lost in one’s own world’. Come to think of it, how many worlds possibly exist? Six billion plus???
Oh yes, may be. Each human, unique and different, could each have one’s  own joys and cares. And therefore, there are millions of worlds co-existing simultaneously.

All the same, we cannot deny this one fact: Every individual’s world, whether tangible or intangible, is based fundamentally on the temporal, corporal and mundane order we live in. All our imagination is in terms of the objects we perceive or have perceived.

Even transcendental realms and beings are spoken of in earthy analogies. How else could our soul (or senses cumulative) know and experience God except through a deep experience of signs and symbols.

If creation acts as an interface between the Divine and human, wouldn’t it be right to experience the heart of the God by delving into the core of the material world. Nature and people are the key to everyday salvation and evolution.

And if we look at the physical world (cosmos and anthropos) as a gateway to the transcendent, let’s not mind getting lost.



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