Salt and Yeast


The fruit of my morning study.

All are called to be wise but some are called to be prophets.

While wisdom may not pain the hearer, prophets often leave the audience disturbed. For prophets speak against institution, challenge social injustice and uphold morals. They are not puppets or slaves of the powerful. They are not fortune-tellers. Changing the present, not divining the future, is their concern. They read daily events in relation to history and harness the truth of situations.

Most of all, they are consumed by the truth. They cannot keep silent about it. They cannot be indifferent to a falling world. They are disturbed, they rise and they speak*. And, of course, they disturb the complacent, the hypocrite and the unjust for which they are derided, abused and martyred. But, they are not afraid.

*It is not always that they proclaim the truth in words of eloquence. Actions speak louder than words. They walk the talk and practice what they preach.

By large, we don’t see them on television or read of them in magazines. There is a surprising anonymity in their witness but also a shining witness in their anonymity.  Their silence is truly golden for its not devoid of noise but devoid of non-action.

They are as powerful as salt or yeast or seed. A pinch of salt gives taste and a little of yeast raises the dough.

We need just a little of them to root themselves in the heart of the world to wake up humanity in us, to inspire us and to provoke us to make a positive difference.

Maybe you and I are called to be prophets…

Let my thoughts, words and deeds be becoming of one.


Learn the lesson that, if you are to do the work of a prophet, what you want is not a sceptre, but a hoe. The prophet does not rise to reign, but to root out the weeds. Saint Bernard

The prophet and the martyr do not see the hooting throng. Their eyes are fixed on the eternities. Benjamin Cardozo

People have set that up as a standard, not to recognize a prophet in his own country. Sun Ra


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